The Many Advantages of Home Automation

Home Automation

Just imagine this scenario which was in the realm of fantasy even a decade back. Before starting from your workplace, you switch on your home AC so that you can step in much later in a nice and cool environment. While on vacation, you keep a tab on your home with security cameras transmitting images to your smart phone. These and many more are a result of home automation which has now become an integral part of life. Today, monitoring of most gadgets and devices like sprinkler systems, lights, appliances, heating and cooling systems and electrical outlets are linked to remote controlling systems and automated.

The rise in home automation can be attributed to the Internet of Things in which any device is allotted an IP address and can be controlled remotely. The fallout is “smart” devices that can be connected to the Wi-Fi or any Local Area Network.

Here are some of the advantages of home automation systems and how it has made the world a better place to live in.


An automated home system is like a virtual 24 hour security guard keeping an eye on your home so that you can react immediately in the event of any adverse situations. There is a wide range of benefits that you will get if you choose to install advance systems in your home. You will be forewarned by sensors if there is a leak in your water tank. Through security cameras that can transmit live images to your smart phone wherever you might be in the world you will be alerted immediately of any break-ins and burglaries.

Further, before entering your home, you can switch on the lights so that you are not surprised by a lurking intruder when you step in. Similarly you can switch off the lights and all electrical appliances as you leave. Advanced sensors will light up your home and warn you through email or alarm if any motion is detected when your house is empty.


You might have by now got used to controlling your TV or AC from the comfort of your couch but now with home automation you can take a step forward and dim the lights as well. Other astonishing things that you can do is adjusting temperatures from bed or controlling the volume of your whole-house audio system. You can even have the coffee maker switch on a few minutes before your alarm goes off so that you have a hot cup of brew ready for you on chilly mornings as soon as you get out of bed. You will surely agree that life has now become more convenient and relaxed.


The best thing about home automation is that though the technology behind the systems is quite complex, at the front end it is extremely user-friendly. At the switch of buttons you can carry out a host of activities, some of which are really fun and amusing. Advanced voice recognition technologies have even taken out the chore of pressing buttons on remote controls. Further, just keep your smart phone switched on and you can even see visitors outside before opening your front door. And isn’t it fun communicating with family members in different rooms through audio video systems?

Install home automation systems and be in tune with modern technologies and innovations.