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In the present digital environment, the world is ruled by the Web and advanced technologies. Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud based applications and Blockchain systems are the current buzzwords and there is a tremendous interest among the common people to know about these innovations and implement them in their everyday lives. However, there is a problem here. The Internet is flooded with blog sites and websites on the Web and technologies but they are usually stand alone entities dealing in one or the other.

This is where we at / are different from the others. Every niche on our site is treated individually and this gives our readers a greater insight into each of them. We have chosen to go this route because we understand that the Web, Technology and Business are huge in scale and scope when considered individually and combining all of them only complicates matters.

A snapshot of our site will help to explain more about / and about us.

In the Web category, we have blogs that trace the origin of the World Wide Web right from its origins to the present day applications. Most of our first time visitors do not think twice before typing in www and searching the Internet. But there is a lot to learn on this topic including web applications, user interface and client-side logic, webmail, and anything that has got to do with things online including shopping.

Out technology category covers a wide variety of subjects. We have blogs that are purely academic in nature guaranteed to arouse the curiosity of serious researchers and scholars. On the other hand we also have blogs that are more down to earth and written for the common person who is usually not very tech savvy. One such instance is blogs on home automation, latest technologically advanced gadgets and artificial intelligence that are topics in trend today.

Our Business section is not the ordinary run of the mill types like other web sites. Our focus is primarily on areas that are relevant to other niches that we cater to. Hence, there are blogs on our site that go into details on ways and means to start a business in digital marketing or set up industries that make high tech products.

A word about our team of writers – all bloggers are highly qualified in the fields that we deal in and have long years of experience behind them. Most of them have industry familiarity and hence can explain matters with great clarity and detail through their write-ups. Further every blog is double checked for accuracy of information and updates.

Visit / and get your fill of the Web, technology and business.